Stenography Courses

Who is stenographer?
Stenographer is a profession who is able to translate English or any other regional language into a coded language known as Shorthand and then reconvert it into the original language that too as fast as 200 words per minutes. This is the only profession which is least affected with the advent or technology. Stenographer is required at every that place where spoken words to be documented as such. They can code the spoken words with the speed of the speaker and then they can be decoded to make them documentary proves where ever required in the near future. Thus there is high demand of Stenographers in almost all the fields, may it be courts, press meets, government offices, as a secretary or assistants to the CEO’s in corporate house, personal secretaries to the high profile peoples like doctors, politician etc. To become a Stenographer one has to be really dedicated and hardworking. The job of a Stenographer demands intensive knowledge of the shorthand along with good command on English and some other regional language in which one want to work in. To discharge his duties efficiently and effectively he requires special training of nearly half to one year and comprehensive knowledge in more than one area of the trade.