Computer Courses

Why Basic Computer course?

Computer plays a very important part in our daily life. It has made our lives simple and very convenient by offering our needs at a click of a mouse through online shopping thereby saving a significant amount of our time to go to the local market and buy them. Thus if you wish enjoy the benefits of this incomparable system and wish to have a better hold in today’s modern technology then you need to have at least basic computer knowledge. Thakur Education has been introducing training programmes to meet the challenges of computer revolution. Thakur Education has developed a set of certificate courses each for long duration and short duration. The long term courses vary from duration of six months to three years and metamorphose a teenage student into a thorough bred polished computer professional. The special short term certificate courses vary from one week to twelve weeks duration and are specifically job oriented. Thakur Education is breeding computer professionals’ right from the initial stages of a student’s career.

Professional Computer Courses